The Best Collaboration Tools for Growing Teams

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This article shares The Best Collaboration Tools for Growing Teams


Working across generations, skillsets and values is hard enough. Add remote work in the mix and you’re playing a whole new game. Our team through together this list of tools and tech we couldn’t live without. If you’re looking for increase communication, help your team collaborate and stay on top of your GROWING inbox… check out this list.


1. For me, Slack is the equivalent of asking a quick question to the guy sitting next to you, except he’s not sitting next to you. It’s great for quick check-ins. Instead of a single overstuffed inbox, conversations in Slack happen in dedicated channels, making it easy to keep track of projects.


2. For task management, I love ClickUp but the key to any task management app is to be consistent & get your team on board.


3. With Loom, you can capture your screen, voice, and face and instantly share your video in less time than it would take to type an email. It also tells you when someone has viewed your video AND they just released a mobile app.


4. When you work virtually, your email usage skyrockets 🚀so I need as much help managing my inbox as possible. The Boomerang chrome extension helps me set reminders, schedule emails, and PAUSE my inbox. Pausing my inbox is my favorite feature. I’m a perpetual inbox checker and living in my inbox all day means I can’t get into a good flow. Pausing for an hour or 2 at a time lets me focus. And since my team uses slack, I can tell them to slack me if they really need my attention. 


5. Calendly isn’t just great for sales calls. It’s also a convenient way to create virtual “office hours.” It also saves us the headache of endless back and forth emails to find a time that works for both parties.


6. Zoom– for scheduled or impromptu calls, there’s nothing better. You can host webinars, share your screen, help someone with a tech issue with their remote access feature, demonstrate your ideas on a

whiteboard and set fun virtual backgrounds to lighten the mood.


7. If you are not using Google Docs, Calendar and Sheets to work together in the cloud, start RIGHT NOW. It’s a lifesaver. Dropbox is a decent file storage option (though I prefer Google Drive for that too), but the G-Suite products make virtual collaboration a breeze.



Crystal Volinchak

Crystal Volinchak

In her 7 years as a growth marketer and entrepreneur, Crystal Volinchak has helped dozens of companies boost online traffic and sales and strengthen their online brand reputation. Volinchak is the co-founder of CNV Creative and CNV CMO.

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