Crafting an Effective Social Media Strategy: Key Takeaways for Authenticity and Growth

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Crafting an Effective Social Media Strategy: Key Takeaways for Authenticity and Growth

Social media opens up incredible opportunities for creators to build audiences and share their work. But it can be challenging to grow your following authentically and efficiently. Here are some top tips I recently shared with a client during a consultation call to maximize your social media impact:

Lead with Authenticity

As your audience expands, stay true to your voice. Don’t let pressure to perform change the type of content you create. Show your personality in posts through images, captions, and videos. Share “behind-the-scenes” moments from your life, not just invitations or announcements.

Prioritize Meaningful Engagement

Respond to comments on your posts when possible, and engage with your ideal audience by liking and commenting on their content too. To manage message volume, set up an auto-reply letting new followers know you appreciate their support but can’t actively monitor messages right now.

Strategize Commenting

Here’s a pro tip: Don’t reply to comments until you publish a new post. This boosts the algorithmic reach of your latest content.

Use Trending Audio Thoughtfully

Experiment with popular audios, but choose a mix of mega-trends (60k+ uses) and smaller trends (under 10k uses). Check for the upward arrow icon or use apps like TrendTok and ReelTrends to stay on top of rising sounds. Switch your account to a “Creator” profile to access more options.

Increase Watch Time

Use on-screen text prompts in Reels and TikToks to direct viewers to read your captions. This keeps people engaged longer, signaling value to the platform. See my recent blog post on this technique.

Optimize for Search Discovery

Leverage SEO by including keywords your audience might search for. Hashtags can help as well, though some creators find better reach without them – so test what works for your niche. Use just 5-7 max.

Repurpose Content Across Platforms

Save time by repurposing content. Use Meta’s Connected Accounts to automatically share Instagram posts to Facebook. For TikTok to Instagram, download without audio then add Instagram music. Download Reels with audio to repurpose on Pinterest. Never cross-post with logos.

Tailor Content to Platform Demographics

Research each platform’s key demographics to optimize content. For example, Instagram skews 18-24 while Pinterest is more women 35-55. Post accordingly.

Batch Content Production

Create multiple videos in one day, but switch up outfits/locations so content stays fresh. Film supplementary footage (“B-roll”) for trending audio. This takes pressure off constantly producing complex videos.


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