What is Profit-Center Marketing and How Can it Drastically Increase Your ROI?

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Don’t Pay Another Freelance Marketer Until You Read This (you need to understand this before we get into profit-center marketing)…


As a business owner, I KNOW you are constantly thinking about how you can get your message out to the world…

Heck, at this stage you are probably spending a lot of time marketing your business, yourself. After all, this is your baby. And failure? … Not an option.

So you’re posting on Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. You’re writing 2,500 word blogs every month. You’re creating video content. Overall, you’re spending a LOT of time on marketing.

So why is the sales team struggling to meet their goals every month?

Where are all the leads?

You might even be asking yourself, “Have we reached our ceiling… is this really as far as we can go?”

There’s good news – I’m willing to best there’s more on the other side of strategic, ROI-focused marketing!

Here’s the truth: most founder-led businesses with little (or no) marketing experience spend so much time just trying to be seen, that no real energy can be put into developing an ROI focused strategy. And it’s simply not enough to be seen when you need to scale.

With no clear goal, and no roadmap to get there, your marketing tactics will focus on building your brand and vanity metrics (blog views, followers, likes, shares, etc).

… Sounding familiar yet?

Building your brand awareness has an important role in the marketing strategy, but these top-of-funnel activities have no direct translation to revenue when they aren’t partnered with lead generation strategies. They give you no clear data to empower strategic decisions…. no true trajectory forward.

And most importantly, they cost money without delivering leads to the sales team…

So even if you found the time to post more on Instagram, write 2x more blogs and spend hours learning how to edit your video content… it won’t matter.

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Your Marketing Department Should Make You Money

Without bottom-of-funnel activities that complete the customer funnel, your problems won’t be changing anytime soon.

You’ll still be sitting around waiting for 2 things:

  1. Leads to land in your lap or
  2. Your sales team to go out and bust their ass to find cold leads to talk to

You’ll still be running a feast or famine business with no predictability because when your marketing strategy has no measurable data to drive sales, your marketing department costs you money instead of making you money. And that’s the problem we are solving.

Look, you’re not alone. Millions of founders before you and millions more after you will lose sleep trying to solve this problem. It’s been this way for decades.

Here’s the good news: it doesn’t have to be this way anymore. When you align your sales and marketing team with a system of interconnected marketing tactics that align with the goals of an ROI-driven strategy, the entire business grows and thrives. We call this profit-center marketing.

What is Profit-Center Marketing?

Profit-center marketing is a unique strategy that builds offers around each phase of the customer journey ladder, not just brand awareness. 

Profit-Center Marketing creates cohesive messaging, content, e-products, relationships and branding for each phase of their unique journey with one ultimate goal:

Send qualified leads to the sales team.

In order to do this effectively, you must rely heavily on data to optimize conversions. 

With profit-center marketing, since your data-driven, ROI-focused marketing tactics have already educated leads and delivered them to the pipeline, the sales team is able to have more meaningful conversations, and spend more time turning warm prospects into loyal and paying customers.

The outcome: a positive and measurable impact on the bottom line with reliable data that shows us exactly where to invest the marketing and advertising budgets for the biggest return on investment.


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