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01. The Challenge


Ideal Practices (IP) is a founder-led high-level consulting service. IP was referred to us when their CEO desperately needed to exit the day-to-day marketing so he could focus on business development and his long-term vision. 

They had been scaling steadily for 6 years but recently the bottlenecks and lack of strategic marketing plans were halting their growth. The CEO was managing a disjointed team of 7 freelancers, each with their own specialty, but with no wholistic strategy or leader.

With the strategic direction relying on a very busy CEO, it seemed impossible to form a unified campaign across a team of freelance contractors.

02. The Solution

Ideal Practices hired our entire team as an extension of their own. As their sole marketing team, we help alleviate the burden on the CEO and systematically grow Ideal Practices through growth-marketing strategies. 

In addition to a CMO, we have added a Marketing Manager, Social Media Buyer, PPC Manager, Research Assistant, Video Editor, Copywriter, Organic Social Media Manager and Data Analysts to their team. 

Each week, month and quarter we focus on wholistic marketing that spans paid ads, direct-mail, email drip campaigns, organic social media and more. 

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03. Perfect Result - From Reactionary to Proactive

Within 6 months, Ideal Practices strategic plan has been transformed through new marketing efforts, resulting in a positive return on ad spend and a 403% return on investment. 

Our plan delivers steady results, reduced costs, and reduced stress for Ideal Practices.

Through strategy, project management, on-time and on-budget campaigns, Ideal Practices has surpassed their annual goals and is on pace to have their best year ever.

18 months later and Jayme has retired as CEO of his own growing business!

$96,000 Saved on Ad Costs

Our media team decreased the ad spend, improved the ads being served and were able to obtain 33% more leads, while spending 18% less in 6 months.

72.7% Reduction in Lead Costs

We helped Ideal Practices acquire more leads while spending less on PPC and social ads, ultimately drastically decreasing cost per lead from $171 to $61.

$3,360,000 Generated from $191,902 Ad Spend

Our high-level consulting client generated over 3 millions dollars from less than 200,000 ad spend in just 8 months (a Huge 17.51x ROAS).

Increased Event Attendees by 23%

We scaled a live, high-ticket Mastermind Summit, increasing attendance to earn an extra $33,000 in 6 weeks (during Covid!).

Reduced Acquisition Costs by $2,000 per Client

Through data-analysis, improved copywriting, new content and rigorous testing, we were able to lower the cost of acquisition significantly.

Gained 50% More Leads

Not only are leads now costing them less but we have been able to expand their reach and their audience to build a bigger pipeline for the sales team.