5 Steps to Get More Leads and Booked Calls From Your Website



First… let’s make sure we are on the same page.


🤯 What is a Conversion? 🤯


For most service providers, a website conversion occurs when a visitor completes a desired action on your website, e.g. booking a call or downloading a freebie and ultimately joining a call.


Let’s get into 5 SIMPLE tips to fix right now 👇


Step 1 – Make your offers clear

When visiting your home page or landing page, visitors should be able to understand why they should do business with you and the benefits of doing so.


Step 2 – Make your CTA buttons 💥 POP 💥

Without a clear CTA, visitors may be unsure of how to book a call with you or sign up for a freebie – and are more likely to abandon your site. People need some direction for you.


Step 3 – Include Testimonials 💬

Your prospects want to know that you can walk the walk. They want to see what other people think about working with you! Without testimonials, case studies and other social proof, you’ll miss out on potential clients.


Step 4: Make your website responsive 📱

Responsive and mobile-friendly design can help you convert. Mobile devices account for more than 40% of all online activity. Ignoring this is a FATAL mistake for any business these days.


Step 5: Step 5: Improve your website speed 💨

Page speed is critical to the performance of your website. A speed-optimized page improves both the UX and the search engine rankings.



Crystal Volinchak

Crystal Volinchak

In her 7 years as a growth marketer and entrepreneur, Crystal Volinchak has helped dozens of companies boost online traffic and sales and strengthen their online brand reputation. Volinchak is the co-founder of CNV Creative and CNV CMO.

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